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DJ Bastard Insomnia

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May 8th, 2010

09:26 am: hiatus ended!
hello, livejournal, it's been a long long time. well, the Bastard Insomnia hiatus has officially ended. if you've been paying attention to my facebook or myspace you already know this. there are 2 new tracks and many more to come.

so, if you're still interested... http://www.myspace.com/bastardinsomnia  http://www.facebook.com/bastardinsomnia http://www.reverbnation.com/bastardinsomnia

the reverbnation link has both tracks available to listen to imediately. add the facebook for updates and interaction and all that kinds of crap.


March 17th, 2006

07:12 pm: i'm gonna zip+upload Dysphoria very fucking soon, like tonight. it'll probably require a broadband connection to download.

also, i just produced this noisy track. i'm considering another side project. if anyone's interested in a colaboration let me know. i'd really like a colaboration of some sort on this project.

tonight i'm going to delete all the tracks on the myspace account and upload the vocal ep. it's a four track deal called Supermodels are Superficial. sporadic as my music is.

lots of happenings. stay tuned.


January 5th, 2006

04:34 pm: new music on myspace...
as of maybe 5 minutes ago, the latest Bastard Insomnia track is availible for download or streaming. this is the first time i've recorded vocals and actually used them. i've wanted to record this song for well over a year. it's just the demo version. i intend on writting a second verse just need to figure out where to take it. it's length is a little over 3 minutes. no real song structure, as usual. it's a bit slower than my previous tracks, until it after the vocals and such. it had to go out with a bang, after all.

hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed recording it. dial-up users, or anyone really, can get ahold of me via a messenger for a file transfer if they don't wish to download the track from myspace. i'm sure myspace will fuck up my id-3 tags.

contact info for those too lazy to look it up:

if you want a gmail transfer email me here->josh.shadowized@gmail.com

if you'd like to remix this contact me for a remix package.
within the package you'll get the vocal track (with no effects, unless you want it effected) and all the instrument patterns. all conveniently compressed to mp3. the fruityloops zip package is also availible.


December 26th, 2005

10:45 pm: new bastard insomnia message board. click

that is all.


December 9th, 2005

08:24 pm: it's been a while since i posted the goings on of Bastard Insomnia, here. the album's finished. cover art to come. album title is now, "Dysphoric" don't know what that means? look it up, slacker.

2 new tracks, already. Whatever ( The Kids Are Listening To ) and the unfinished Live Journal. these will be released sometime soon.

other news:
-Bastard Insomnia on myspace. ( http://www.myspace.com/bastardinsomnia )
-Bastard Insomnia on mperia. (http://www.mperia.com/artists/bastard_insomnia)
-possibility of a guest vocalist on next album, as well as at least one track of BI, himself, picking up the mic.
-Bastard Insomnia remixed Clinical Torment. too bad Chad's not a live to hear it. you can find it on the myspace account.
-live improv and chocolate_bars availible on myspace.

that's about it, for now.


Current Music: bi - peace to the republic round 2

November 12th, 2005

09:35 pm: News!
i started a mperia account. all Bastard Insomnia tracks can be found there. (mperia.com/artists/bastard_insomnia) so far i just have Chocolate_Bars uploaded. give me time, i've got about 9 others to upload.

that is all.

Joshua. aka. bastard.insomnia.

Current Music: mAUDLIN_rHAPSODIST - love song for a straightrazor

July 16th, 2005

08:27 pm: in the studio.
that's right, Bastard Insomnia has been in the studio off and on for the past 2 months. i've actually been doing not much more than chilling in the studio for the past week. the new BI ep is almost complete. there aren't many tracks that won't make the final mix. the only track that i'm contemplating deleting from the final tracklist is Peace To The Republic, eventhough i love this song it doesn't really fit in with the rest. PTTR is more of a trance/dnb track and the rest is weird ambient/idm. i'm really proud of the stuff i've been coming up with.

there are many other projects i've put on hold because of how this e.p. has evolved. some of these include the Only remix, a remix of Melon Collie And The Infinite Sadness by Smashing Pumpkins. all dj sets that i've gotten playlists recorded for, I Ran (so far away) yes, it's a cover. there are a couple other songs i'm gonna cover, as well. i want someone to play bass on this RHCP cover i want to do.

i recently acquired Photoshop CS2 v. 9. so, i'm gonna be doing some digital art, as well. i'm going to be putting the Bastard Insomnia website back online. the old site was only online for a short time. it'll probably be hosted at angelfire until i can get hosting, again. i hate free sites, but i'm broke as all fuck.

so, lots is happening i'm just taking my good ol' time getting it finalized. just be patient. i do work 8 hours a day, and all.


Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: blue man group - your attention

May 1st, 2005

01:03 pm: i just spent the last hour organizing mp3s. the Bastard Insomnia folder is at 4 hours 27 seconds. i'm going to be posting the dj mix as soon as i find a place to dump it. the shorter of the 2 files is 24 megs. not really dial-up friendly.

i'm also going to release The PFA Sessions which will contain songs that never really saw the light of day as i was cleaning house for the Psychological Funeral Arrangements album. this will be a net only release. i mean, who really wants to charge for scrapped material? i'm not really doing this to make money, anyway. eventhough, i'm broke and could use the cash.

after all of that, i'm working on new material. i've already got some ideas for atleast 2 tracks as well as another dj mix. i'm gonna have to get a domain just to host all the dj mixes. i think the next one will be more focused, rather than a clusterfuck.

i've a new track for your approval, as well. bi - Gr4ve

my brain just imploded.


September 19th, 2004

10:38 am: double disc album is finally done!
the bastardinsomnia album is finally complete. it clocks in at 1:47:41. yes, 107 minutes. i had a lot of fun with this album. not as much fun as with previous works. it's a very serious album. most of the second disc is full of tracks i've wanted to produce for years, but wasn't mature enough in production to tackle them.

don't worry, there's still plenty of those fun ol' tracks you shadowized fans are familiar with. i'm still playing with the tracklisting of disc one. i can't seem to get the continuity right. i always seem to fuck that part up.

the funniest thing about completion is that the end was pretty much stumbled upon. i still had about 5 tracks, or 30 minutes till the album would be where i wanted it. then, i was messing around with previous flp files critiquing and making possible remixes. when, all of a sudden, i stumbled upon a tracks that i don't remember making and a susan vega remix. Distorted Dreams, the one i don't remember making, was finished and everything. it rocked my cock right off. i had to act fast to catch it and reattach. i knew i had to add it to the tracklist and it fit right in, but for the life of me i do not remember making the track at all.

the other that made it's way onto disc too is a funky little ditty called, The Black Shakes. probably the most dancey track i've ever made with a couple Johnny Mnemonic samples thrown in. i actually remember making this one. it was fun.

about half way through making this album i found a bunch of different vst instruments and it shows. the sound splits off, but still maintaining the overall sound.

i've raped the Crystal vst a fucking lot. i fucking love this thing. i recommend it to anyone looking to make weird atmospheres.

i had fun with the feedback on a couple tracks and it damn near crashed my computer. *laughs.* it was all for a good reason. the shit sounds fucking awesome. the insane feed back on Deadened Roots i added to the SuperwaveP8 when mixed with different drum patterns yeilded different synth patterns. not quite what i was looking for, but made the track that much better.

eventhough, the album is rockin' me hardcore i'm glad this chapter is over. much of this was recording during a very depressing moment in my life. the music fed off those emotions. if nothing else it gave me another reason to complete this project. i knew i wouldn't be able to put the feelings behind me till the album was complete, eventhough i keep finding more and more shit to piss me off. so, who knows, the next Bastard Insomnia record could start production next week. only time will tell.


August 27th, 2004

12:24 am: finished the dj mix that i started ages ago. it went over what i wanted to, but oh well. here is the list for side two. this is fuckin' nuts. death mixed with industrial, metal, power noise, and folk. it's fucking crazy how well it went together.

i'm going to change the first side, a bit.


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